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contribute to a better world by unleashing your creativity in digital projects?

Nice! Then this is the right place for you. As a digital design studio, we have been on a mission since 2020. Through the power of design, (no & low-code) tech and content, we make the inspiring visions of mission-driven organizations come true. After all, we believe that when you use online differentiators, people move offline.

a number of inspiring organisations that we work with
Gemeente amsterdamGorillasMuseumvrijStadsmakers EindhovenChange incDe Bildung Academie

participate in the digital creations of the future

Is your dream job or internship not listed (yet)?

Tell us what you're looking for and send us your portfolio. Maybe we have a place for you. Or that we can shape it together!

a small nice collective that makes an impact

Kantoor vibe
kantoor vibe

what applying for a job with us looks like

1. applying

Answer some fun questions and submit your portfolio. That's how we understand who you are and what you've created.

2. video call

Low-key introduction to see if we like each other and to discuss some practical things.

3. interview

Sounds formal, but is actually quite relaxed. Bit exciting, we think so too. It's healthy!

4. proposal

Just put on your reading glasses. Are we check? Then grab your trackpad and draw!

5. beer? beer!

Or water, whatever you want. When you start with us, it gives you every reason to celebrate. Our Corné is already wearing his party hat.

“It's great to design and develop digital experiences with no & low-code solutions that bring organizations to life online quickly and in a unique way.”

michel wassing
visual developer
Michel Wassing

haven't found a dream job or internship, but curious?