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our go-to list of 50+ gen ai, no-code & automation tools


Sometimes you may think that your hands are tied by everything you can't do. You try to do everything yourself: from development to design, setting up new campaigns and sifting through data. Quite a challenge. Fortunately, those days are over. At least, just about a little bit. Because almost all your dreams are now within reach.

With GenAI, anyone can now quickly make an initial setup, pour content into different formats and build faster with no-code tools. Add automation that removes all your routine tasks and you'll have time for more strategic and creative work.

Imagine: a tech stack that not only makes your work easier, but also takes them to the next level. Now is the time to fill that stack with gems. From AI, to no-code to automation tools. With a few good tools by your side, you're going to move mountains.

move more easily through the endless jungle of tools

We know it, getting lost in the possibilities from one tool to another that turns out to be a pacifier afterwards. And with the rapid increase in tools in 2023, keeping up with your knowledge of all those tools is quite a task. With this list, I'm trying to provide a bright spot in the chaos.

Within our studio, we are constantly looking for ways to apply AI, automation and other tools in our workflows. I ignore many tools, but occasionally I find a hidden gem that makes it worth looking for.

So, if you're looking for tools to improve your workflow, save this list you hope you have some trouble.

Our studio's 5 go-to's

  • Data bar - if your data needs an extra dimension, from web scraping to complex data flows
  • Fireflies - an AI notetaker that works quite well in Dutch
  • Formly - looking for a replacement for Typeform? This could be the answer: no more monthly costs, but full logic that you can easily apply
  • Volume AI - lays an excellent first basis for sitemap and components for your web project
  • Jerra GPT - our custom ghostwriter who makes a nice start for many of the texts we write. Work in progress and learn a little bit more :-)

Do you have any additions of your own? Slide into my DM at LinkedIn. Every once in a while, I update this list of new gems.

making an impact with the use of no-code?