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from visual identity to website for the university of the 21st century - a reflection with michiel tolman


how did intertwining branding with having a website created contribute to strengthening your network and visibility?

We are in an area that has been changing rapidly since our inception in 2015. At that time, personal development was still abstract for many people. That has changed incredibly quickly. You're currently swamped with coaches. It seems like the floodgates have been lifted and that many more people (forced or not) are working on personal development.

Since our inception, we have been taking that to a higher level. We are trying to integrate new forms of personal and social education, together called “Bildung” by young adults and teachers, into existing education that not everyone understands.

This means that we sometimes have to go against the grain and be patient with our clients. It is a challenge to take them into what space education offers to work with Bildung. That's why we focus on building strong relationships and telling a consistent story that reflects our philosophy.

With a sharply formulated vision, an appropriate identity and a new website were a crucial step in strengthening our visibility. We wanted to create a place where others and our network recognize themselves. It reflects our philosophy that education and development are not set in concrete, but rather fluid and open to innovation.

We've noticed that it's been appreciated since we went live, especially since it's not always easy to immediately understand what we do. But the increasing interest is certainly there now: people recognize what we stand for.

and how does webflow play a role in attracting and engaging your target groups?

Webflow enables us to offer highly targeted programs and collaboration opportunities. Tailored to specific target groups.

In addition, our website has been set up in such a way that it not only conveys our identity, but also tells a wider story. No matter what page you land on. People are invited to become part of what we do in various accessible ways: as a builder, partner or program participant.

how does de bildung academie ensure consistency in all its communications, despite limited marketing budgets?

Our strength lies in telling the right story. We may not have a big marketing budget, but we invest in what really matters: the physical manifestations of our identity, such as our programs.

We have a visual identity that we will build on in the coming years.

The biggest challenge for us is developing sub-identities such as the MBO Think Tank and Eindhoven City Creators that are in line with our broad brand. We are constantly looking for ways to integrate people development themes into our offerings. And that offer changes continuously, due to people's changing wishes. After all, nothing is certain.

Everything we do is focused on shaping that future university. A place where everyone can be and develop themselves. We shape that university with building blocks such as that it is for every phase of your life and is accessible to MBO, higher professional education and university.

These are stimulating starting points about innovative education, personal and professional development and sustainable cooperation. The way that has now been developed within the website provides complete flexibility. This way, we can easily embrace Bildung's versatility even digitally.

imagine that similar brands exist, who doubt whether or not to rebrand their brand. what lessons can you give them?

It takes a thorough approach to really get to the heart of what you do, the way you want to do it, and get it out there. Something that affects you personally. That's what your team stands for and is committed to. Consciously and unconsciously.

Your brand reflects what your organization is at heart and what you want to achieve in your sector. In the here and now. In order to coordinate everything properly, it is important that you pay time and attention to it. Who are you? How do you express that? And how do you shape that?

Not everyone may immediately understand the essence of what you do. Perhaps you are ahead of the curve and the idea is new to others. The risk in that situation is that you simplify everything. What is special or what makes you unique can then be lost. That is something we want to watch out for.

This process is one of them learn. About who you are, why you're here and how you want to show it. And even if you think you know it, you're learning every day.

Once you have an identity, it's not an established thing. It's important to be able to say that you still have steps to make and that you're working towards something, instead of pretending that everything is fixed.

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