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the starter platform for your first home

Buying a first home: many people want it, little works out. homeup turns the entire search and buying process of a home upside down. The price of a home is as fixed as a house. That makes overbidding unnecessary and makes the search a lot fairer. With the starter at the forefront, buying a first home becomes feasible again and they match supply and demand in the blink of an eye.

the broker of the future

How do we build a brand that makes finding a first home for sale easier, fairer and more transparent by connecting supply and demand in a scalable way?

against fierce competition, scarcity and impersonality

For an up-and-coming brand as a homeup, it's essential to position yourself well and create a solid brand. They stand for a fair housing market and are leading that change. As a brand, it is therefore important to position yourself conspicuously. And so away from your competitors. Outspoken enough to stand out, but also businesslike enough to take seriously.

In addition to being playfully provocative, the strategy focuses on making it feasible to find a first home for sale. That home for sale starts with attracting starters, so that sellers can therefore be sure of a quick match.

preparing homeup for growth with a digital-first approach, smart tech stack and scalable brand identity

If there's one thing that makes homeup different, it's their range of homes that are sold for a fixed price and that you won't find anywhere else. homeup brings supply and demand together. From that point of view, the logo was created.

The well-known stickers sold are the logo and evoke a sense of DIY and accessibility. Tilted forward, it is a subtle reference to growth and progress. That progress is serious, but it also includes a burst of bold clarity with vibrant main colors that energize the brand. The stickers form a scalable element throughout the brand identity: they are the building blocks of the characteristic icons, playfully provocative expressions and DIY illustrations.

Flashy photography plays with the idiosyncrasy of people's living environments. After all, it's not about a home as a product, but about the life that the house makes. Lives that are filled with personal stories and elements.

Digital is the primary channel for bringing brand identity to life. To attract starters, it is therefore essential to present homeup's exclusive housing offerings. And in an overstretched market, the availability of homes for sale changes rapidly. You don't want to disappoint those home seekers. That is why not only the current housing offer is displayed, but various states (such as available, new and sold subject to change) display the status through a real-time link with the Realworks CRM and the Webflow CMS.

Home seekers want to easily and quickly orientate to homes for sale. That is why, from a mobile-first point of view, the home pages are designed to be easy to scan, but also to experience as if you are physically present by integrating 3D functionalities. With the different target groups in mind, registration flows help to connect both groups at the back of the website.

The platform is driven by SEO and personalized content to guide people from start to key (transfer) through the jungle of brokerage jargon and mortgage terms with valuable tips, insights and expert advice.

Location and service-oriented landing pages attract relevant people who are somewhere in the search for their dream home or want to take the step to sell their home (s).

From the Webflow CMS, these dynamic pages can be added and modified independently to support the further growth of the brand in other places of residence or services. Even better, deploying a page now takes just a few minutes instead of hours. An ideal way to scale your SEO strategy via the CMS. So nice — and effective —.

homeup, down foundation

“Thanks to the dedication and sharp focus of aardig, there is also a scalable brand in addition to a professional website.”

Billy Brewer
Billy Brewer
owner | homeup

the starter platform for your first home

With homeup, the price of a home is as fixed as a house. That makes overbidding unnecessary and the search a lot fairer. Starters do not compete with transients in the housing market. And you get priority over their offerings: homes that aren't for sale anywhere else. Whether you're just checking in as a buyer or you've already envisioned your dream home: the key to your own front door starts with them.

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Digital strategy by Dibbes Brand design by Paul Bergman Photography by Lin Woldendorp Motion by Tessa van Balen API connection by Concept7

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