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de bildung academie
the bildung academy
visual identity, brand book, website, landing pages, crm integration

innovative education for full personal development

As a growing educational organization, it is a no-brainer to continuously attract students to courses and collaborations. This also applied to the innovative educational organization De Bildung Academie. In that case, an appropriate digital experience is more than a contribution to a better world.

a vision and mission that connects

How do we create an identity and website that not only conveys our vision and mission, but also actively contributes to connecting with others?

the future of bildung

In developing the visual identity, we focus on addressing a young and professional target group. The new, intuitive flow of the website builds on top of that and focuses on addressing and motivating these people for the Bildung network. The network is a place where education and development come together for everyone, from MBO to university, to collectively address personal, professional and social challenges.

building blocks that contribute to a scalable identity

At the heart of this project was the creation of a completely new visual identity. This identity is a vibrant fusion of color and contrast, expressing the academy's unique vision.

The identity plays with contradictions: breaking versus building, inviting versus challenging and mixing classic and modern elements. It feels meta-modernist and counter-cultural, filled with hope and relaxed playfulness, without leaning into a troubled hustle and bustle. Inviting yet bold, it leads you to something new.

The purpose of the website is to stimulate enthusiasm and a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration, creating a dynamic of reciprocity. This is reinforced in the identity where white areas and open spaces symbolize new beginnings and possibilities.

Just as the university of the 21st century consists of various building blocks, the sustainable design system and brand assets are the visual building blocks of our strategy.

Without any front-end development, the Webflow CMS can look forward to landing pages in various forms to address different segments with targeted campaigns. By integrating the CMS with Hubspot, people receive the right content at the right time in their customer journey. This ensures more engagement.

“The result is a fantastic and unique customized website. In terms of design and decor, we receive a lot of compliments from our networks.”

Michiel Tolman
Michiel Tolman
director | de bildung academie

building the 21st century university

In the ideal world of De Bildung Academy, as many people as possible are in contact with themselves and in connection with others. As a collective, they tackle personal, professional and social challenges.

It is a place where education, learning & development, MBO, HBO and WO come together for every phase of your life. Among other things, they develop programs for students and (young) professionals and provide advice and training to organizations.

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